Fighting Back
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I was sort of mentally recapping the latest news – the asshole cowardly Vichy Dems caving in once again to a textbook psychopathic killer, the stunning revelation about why Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table, the news that even though the Intelligence Community understands Tehran is not threat to the US, we’re still going to bear down on them.

It all reminds me of an episode in Joe Wambaugh’s Police Story series from the 1970s in which a SWAT officer, played by Tony LoBianco, is horribly burned in a helicopter crash during a training exercise. Being treated in the hospital, subjected to daily torture as his bandages are removed, crazed by morphine, he asks the doctor whether the fight is all worth the pain, and all the doctor can tell him is that he has to decide that for himself.

He balls up and decides to tough it out, of course, and fights through, eventually returning to a somewhat normal family life.

So, fuck you, George Bu$h. And you too, Nancy Pelosi. The same to you, Harry Reid you corrupt Las Vegas pimp. Up your DLC-fellating ass, Steny Hoyer, you triangulating prick,

We’re going to beat all your sleazy, corrupt, cowardly asses and take back our country. And then we’ll see just who the hell we put in jail.

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