The Feckless "Leaders"
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Carl Hulse writes in this morning’s NY Times that patriotic Americans will once again be disgusted by Democratic Party leaders.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — Congressional leaders are assembling a $500 billion package to try to resolve an impasse by providing President Bush with unfettered money for the Iraq war in exchange for new spending on popular domestic programs.

If acceptable to lawmakers and the White House, the package to be considered in the House as early as Tuesday would avert the threat of a shutdown of federal agencies and end a dispute that has lasted months and pitted Congressional Democrats against Mr. Bush and his Republican allies. [emph added]

The Democrats are at a disadvantage here of course because the republicans did this under Newt Gingrch’s speakership and they got away with it. However, our bought-and-paid-for corporate media will not give Dems the same pass they give to the Fascist Party.

Senior lawmakers and Congressional aides said the broad outlines of the proposal called for the House to consider $30 billion for military operations in Afghanistan, as well as money for military bases and support programs for military families to quiet fears of Pentagon layoffs because of a lack of money.

The Senate would then add up to $40 billion for Iraq combat operations, with the expectation the final war spending total would produce enough Republican support to offset defections by House Democrats.

They expect enough republicans will support what Mr Bu$h wants to offset democratic defections!!! Can you imagine that? They’re planning on defeat. They are conceding the game before it is played.

After the measure returns to the House for a final vote, Democrats opposed to the war are likely to vote against it but may not be able to stop it. The decision to free some money for the war without a deadline or goal for withdrawal would represent a major concession by Democrats. They had earlier said they would not send Mr. Bush any more war money this year unless he accepted a change in Iraq policy.

But Democratic leaders now say they have concluded that a logjam of 11 appropriations bills cannot be broken without acceding to at least some of the president’s demand for more war money.

Mr Hulse’s article speaks with some authority: the Dems will do their face-saving little dance of responsibility before the cameras and then cave as they wring their hands so helplessly, just as they have done oh so many times before to this coward and bully.

Asked publicly on the House floor on Thursday night whether money for Iraq and Afghanistan that was not tied to a withdrawal deadline would be voted on next week, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the majority leader, replied, “I anticipate at some point in time that will be the case.”

When I grow up and become President I want to be like George W Bu$h. I want to lie every day of the year to American citizens and to the elected leaders of the country. I want to fritter away hundreds of tons of money and thousands of gallons of American blood on a foreign war designed to make me think my penis is the most prolific and most powerful penis in the world. Yes, that’s right – when you’re President it’s all about your ego, screw everyone else in the world.

I want to break laws, just like a real outlaw. Better than that, I want to tell everyone I‘m going to disregard any laws the taxpayers’ representatives may write – just flat out tell them, “This law may require you to follow its requirements, but I am going to act as if the strictures you incorporated in it don’t apply to me.”

I’m going to mock people at every turn, laugh at their illnesses, infirmities and diseases, piss down the pants leg of every news paper stenographer in the country and dare them to complain, and generally act like I’m one hell of a swell fellow. I’m gonna dare them to act like men and say something or try to do something.

I’m going to demand Congress give me whatever money I feel like asking for and will disparage them publicly for having the unmitigated gall to think they’re entitled to a voice in the governance process.

Just vote me the money you gutless little chickensqueezings.

That egomaniacal eight year old war criminal is right to treat them with complete contempt.

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