Sit-In in Sadr City
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Today, Sunday, an amazing scene unfolded in Sadr City. Over 50 members of parliament, representing members from all parties in the Iraqi parliament, except, most notably members of Maliki's own Sciri party and Dawa... As the NY Times reports...

...members of Parliament from across the political spectrum — with the exception of the Shiite parties that are part of the government — appeared to be trying to transcend the fight for power and focus on the terrible conditions for residents of Sadr City, a sprawling Shiite slum in the capital, where fighting has gone on for more than a month. “What is different about this delegation is that it is composed of all kinds of Iraqis,” said Azzad Barbani, a Parliament member from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, one of 40 members who participated in the protest Sunday.

“The situation is so bad,” he said, adding, “But from a political point of view, the solution is dialogue, without getting rid of any bloc in Parliament.”

“We want to solve the problem peacefully,” said Dr. Mustafa al-Heeti, a Sunni member of Parliament from Anbar province who led the delegation on Sunday.

The residents of Sadr City “are Iraqis,” he said. “They are very poor people with very few services, and the military action has caused so much loss of life.”

The NY Times only mentions 40 MPs, but, Voices of Iraq (VOI) reports...

More than 50 lawmakers representing different blocs staged on Sunday a sit-in demanding the blockade imposed on the eastern Baghdad district of Sadr City for three weeks now be lifted and for military operations to cease, a legislator from the Sadrist bloc, or Iraqis loyal to Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr, said.
Shanshal said that the sit-in was attended by Safiya al-Suhail, an independent member of parliament, Ahmed Radi, an MP from the Sunni Iraqi Accordance Front (IAF), Samira al-Musawi, an MP from the Shiite Unified Iraqi Coalition (UIC) and Mustafa al-Lahiti, a lawmaker from the Arab Bloc for National Dialogue.

Meanwhile as they're staging this Sit-In, nearby, the US launches a 'vicious attack' in Sadr City... As GG reports...

The Americans launched a “reckless” assault on Sadr city during the sit-in by GZ parliamentarians:

Aswat al-Iraq quote the MP from the Sadrist bloc Maha Adel as saying in a telephone conversation with their reporter that:

“U.S. aircraft and armoured vehicles launched a reckless attack against Sadr City”

that the American attack had been “vicious” and that they had seen a person killed by sniper fire.

Vicious would be an understatement if they used clusterbombs...

Deputy says there is proof the US is using cluster bombs in Sadr City
A member of the health and environment committee of the Iraqi legislature, Liqaa Al-Yassin (Sadrist) says Iraqi authorities have medical and forensic proof that the Americans have been using cluster bombs in their air-strikes on Sadr City, the proof being in the form of the type of marks these weapons leave on the bodies of the dead and wounded.

Honestly, this madness needs to stop ASAP! Their blood is on our hands, folks...!


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